We have recently discussed Paganism, New Age Spirituality, and lots and lots of obviously non-Christian beliefs.

THIS WEEK, however, we dip our toes into the word of faith / prosperity gospel movement, which is every bit as non-Christian as the pagan new age etc.

Bold claim! The preachers we discuss this week quote the Bible. How can they be non-Christian?

The focal point of our discussion will be the 1-hour version of the full-length documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone. I highly recommend the full-length version, and I’d love to engage on this topic. Watch it yourself if you can’t join us in person.

If you can join us, then we’d love to see you! Monday 2/7/2022 at 5:30 PM in CFS 123 on the SHSU Campus, Huntsville, TX.

In Christ alone,

D. Williams

PS: What is the Gospel? Let’s explore this through a different question, “How do we change our minds?” The Gospel is the Good News that our broken and rebellious nature which separates us eternally from a Holy God has been repaired and restored by the work of Jesus of Nazareth who died as a sacrifice covering our sin and showing that he has defeated death in his resurrection.

Of course, we will explore many of these pieces in our discussion meetings, such as evidence of the resurrection, historical reliability of the Bible, and the existence and nature of God.

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An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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