New Age, Tarot, and New Thought christianity

At the end of last semester, the RC students brainstormed topics for the Spring. This was a catch-all category of things they had heard about but did not know about. New Age Spirituality Tarot Card Reading Manifestation (hearing this word in a Christian context) So where to begin as a leader? Easy! Marcia Montenegro’s websiteContinue reading “New Age, Tarot, and New Thought christianity”

Conversations with Pagans

This week at Ratio Christi, we discuss Paganism, Wicca, and other similar religions and belief systems. We are a club promoting thoughtful Christianity, so why would we look into and discuss other beliefs like Paganism? Great question! We encounter many people on and off campus who believe VERY different things. If we want to engageContinue reading “Conversations with Pagans”

Conversational Common Ground

–Engaging people with other beliefs– We are the deep conversations, deep questions, and active discussion club! Our mission is to promote thoughtful Christianity by diving into (not avoiding) the difficult topics of life and the Christian faith. Naturally, when we share our opinions with others SURPRISE! We believe different things! Where do we go fromContinue reading “Conversational Common Ground”