Deep Questions Club

What is beauty? How do we identify it? Is it merely opinion or is it objective? Why do we crave it?

What is love?

What do you think about designer babies? Can we/ should we edit the genes of zygotes to cure them of genetic diseases?

What should be done if someone commits a bad crime, but lives an upstanding life for decades afterward? Is the unlimited statute of limitations for murder right or wrong?

And many more…

These deep questions are the fuel for our conversations on Friday afternoons at the Stair Lounge at the LSC or just outside if the weather is nice. Look for our Deep Question Dry-erase Board. Come join us!!! 12:00 to 1 PM.

Published by rcshsu

An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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