Support Our Bearkats

What can a cup of coffee do?

Deep student discussions take place over coffee. Would you figuratively buy a weekly cup of coffee (apx $10 / month) for the Ratio Christi student who is willing to discuss what Christ has to say about life and culture?

Your support will allow us to purchase apologetics books, to bring well-known speakers to campus, and to sponsor student trips to Apologetic Conferences in the area.

Your first obligation is to your congregation, but we are happy to receive any small expenditures that you may be able to slip into your budget. 

Why we exist?

Frank Turek observes, “Christian students are easily talked out of their faith, because they have never been TALKED INTO IT!”.  They have never probed why they believe what they believe.

Ratio Christi at SHSU

Ratio Christi is Latin for the Reason of Christ – an organization dedicated to “presenting a reason for our faith in Christ with gentleness and respect”. (1 Pet 3:15)

Ratio Christi at SHSU hosts weekly on-campus discussions presenting and defending the Christian answers to life’s biggest questions. We also work with the national organization to bring internationally-known speakers to campus to give Q&A sessions, debates, and talks.

Outside speakers, which range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, are the largest expense for our group.

The SHSU Chapter does not have any local payroll. As Director and Faculty Advisor, I donate my time directing the group.

If you choose to support us, a portion of your donation (14%) will go to the national infrastructure (staff, web hosting, accounting, etc), and the rest will be held in an account for the SHSU chapter’s use. Ratio Christi has the ECFA seal ( meaning your donations will be used effectively for ministry.

Your annual, monthly, or one-time donations are crucial to bringing the most articulate and well-prepared defenders of the Christian faith to Huntsville, Texas.

Make a Donation now to support Ratio Christi at Sam Houston State University!

Thank you and God Bless,
Darren L Williams – Director, Ratio Christi at Sam Houston State University

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An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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