Spring 2023 Topics

Here is our spring flyer which contains all the topics the students chose to discuss. Notice there are no dates. To get a text with our topic of the week, send a text “@16rc” to 81010. This will add you to our Remind texting service.

We have already covered some great topics on the list.

Our first meeting discussed what is meant by the terms body, mind, soul, and spirit. Of course we discussed the philosophical mind-body problem, but spent most of the time discussing if Christianity teaches a dichotomy of body and soul (where the spirit is a faculty of the soul) or a trichotomy of body, soul, and spirit (where soul and spirit are distinct entities). There are thoughtful Christians on both sides. I (DW) was bothered by the use of the trichotomous view by the Gnostics who believed that the body and soul were material (spawned by the evil demiurge), while the spirit was divine and provided by the Spiritual Mother Achamoth. (cf Ireneus, Against the Heretics). Lastly, with the help of Pastor Brian Wolfmueller, we showed how some Christians get into theological trouble when they equate the Biblical juxtapositions of flesh/spirit with body/soul. This leads to Gnosticism or excessive and legalistic Aceticism.

The next week, we took our understanding of the properties of body and soul and applied them to animals. Do animals have a soul? What makes them different from Humans? (The humans have a spiritual faculty that animals do not have. Humans have the breath of the spirit and are made in the image and likeness of God.)

There are LOTS of topics to go as well as some movie nights.

We typically have Cokes, Dr. Pepper, candy, and chips to keep your brains fueled for a fascinating discussion.

Why do we discuss these things?

  1. They are the things students like to discuss.
  2. There are many places where the Christian worldview speaks to these questions.
  3. Therefore, when your friends and family ask about these things, you can share how your Christian faith speaks to the interesting and pressing topics of everyday life.

Jesus said to love God and love your neighbor. (Matthew 22:36-40)

Loving your neighbor means being ready to have thoughtful conversations full of salt and light. And being read to give a reason (apologia) for the hope you have in Christ, doing this with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

God bless you all.


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An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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