Year-End Update

It has been a challenging year! But our ministry at Sam Houston State University has thrived because challenges lead to deeper conversations and a search for spiritual comfort that only Christ and Christian fellowship can give.

It has been a while since I have updated you. We continue to make the case for Christ on the college campus through apologetics discussions and our deep questions club.

This past year, we went to the ReThink Apologetics Conference in February and we had Frank Turek visit in March just before the COVID Shutdowns began. These events were our most popular and largest attended events ever.

Over the summer, we continued to meet weekly over zoom on Monday nights and had some late night Minecraft fun on Wednesdays. Our zoom discussions were fantastic. Because we were on zoom, we were able to be joined by several who have difficulty coming to campus, like Pastor James at Faith Lutheran Church and Joshua who is in the Army at Fort Hood.

This Fall we met face-to-face in CFS 123 and simultaneously on zoom. It worked really well as students have become extremely flexible with interactions over video and in video/face-to-face classes.

I wish you good health and the comfort only Christ can give. May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2021.

Love always,

Darren L. Williams
Chapter Director and Faculty Advisor
Ratio Christi at Sam Houston State University

You can support our chapter AND the national organization simultaneously here. Donations are split 12% to national and 88% to our chapter account.

This is an excellent way to directly impact students at SHSU and to support the national movement that is 1) giving reasons for Christ on the secular college campus, 2) coordinating our many clubs, and 3) pushing back against restrictions on our right to assemble and speak.

The SHSU chapter is managed by volunteers so all donations fund speaker visits to campus, apologetics books for our students, food for our meetings (when COVID ends), and travel expenses for apologetics conferences (when they start back up).

To start 2021 of right, here are some New Year’s Resolutions for you.

1. Join our Slack Channel

Our weekly (and sometimes daily, depending on the channel) club communications have moved to Slack. Join our Slack Channel to get meeting announcements. There are several subchannels including a hilarious Christian Memes channel that you can follow.

2. Visit our NEW Web Page

Ratio Christi National retooled their web site and dropped the chapter blog feature, so we started our own chapter page Go there and check it out!

3. Join us!

You will always find links to our zoom meetings on Slack and on You can also find us on campus Monday Nights 5:30 PM to 7 PM in CFS 123 and on the big wooden stairs for Deep Questions Club on Fridays from 12:30 PM to 2 PM.

4. Officially JOIN US!

Attending our meetings does not put you on our roster. That only happens if you join our club on OrgLINK – the official student organization portal at Sam Houston State. Go there now to join our club if you are a student at SHSU.

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An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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