2021 Monday Nights

Come to our Spring 2021 Monday night exploration of the rational defense of the Christian faith. We discuss history, science, philosophy, archaeology, and all other areas, making the case for Christian beliefs and answering challenges from those who believe otherwise.

There is a 2-week halt on all non-class campus meetings, so we are meeting 100% on zoom. Normally, we meet in CFS 123. Campus typically limits face-to-face meetings to 10 persons. If you show up after we go back to face-to-face meetings and the room is full, we will set you up next door in another classroom to log into the classroom computer to show our zoom feed on the projector.

Here is the zoom link: https://shsu.zoom.us/j/84280883745

The password is “Jesus”.

We meet from 5:30 PM to 7 PM on Monday Nights.

How do I decide if I want to visit a Ratio Christi Monday Night Discussion?

If you have had any of these questions, heard any of these questions, or are interested in our discussion of these questions, then RATIO CHRISTI IS FOR YOU!

  • Did the universe have a beginning or was there some sort of oscillating universe, and what does this mean for claims of God’s existence?
  • What if we find life on other planets? Does this mean the Bible is wrong?
  • Why is God or why are Christians so obsessed with telling people what they can or can’t do with their bodies?
  • Wasn’t the Bible just written by a bunch of men? Why should I care what it says?
  • Is anything REALLY right or wrong? Doesn’t society just decide what is right and wrong?
  • Why do you trust the Bible when it has been corrupted by translation upon translation upon translation?
  • There are some crazy things in the Bible. How can Christians believe such things?
  • If God is good, and God is all-powerful, then why doesn’t he stop evil?
  • Does my life have any purpose? What does religion matter in regards to the purpose of my life? How would I know if there was a purpose to my life?
  • Most religions have a view of something after death, but how can we know? It sounds like wishful thinking, to me.
  • Are there any good arguments that support Christianity or the Bible?

And the most important question of all… Who was Jesus?

Why was Jesus such a big deal? Why does nearly every religion have some acknowledgement of his importance? Why is he quoted so much? And what relevance does he have for MY life? Why should I care?

We’d love to meet you in person or online!

Dr. Darren Williams
Faculty Advisor and Director of Ratio Christi at SHSU

Published by rcshsu

An international organization of campus clubs making a rational case for the truth of Christianity (i.e. Ratio Christi).

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